Backtracking 2014

Despite its fair share of heartbreak and tragic losses, 2014 is something that I consider as one of my better years.  It’s truly been a year of discovery and rediscovery, realizations, success, love and family.  I scoured through the many memories that I’ve created this year, and these would be what I would place on 2014’s pedestal:

5.  San Antonio Spurs winning the NBA title


Yes, it’s in the top five.  Read through my Facebook and Twitter timelines and one glaring fact that you would know about me is that I’m a huge San Antonio Spurs fan.  I have been since the early 2000s.  Since my team’s last Finals victory in 2007, it has been a long road filled with challenges and disheartening early exits.  After a heartbreaking 2013 where the Spurs were dealt with the franchise’s first NBA Finals loss, watching the team come back harder, faster, smarter and stronger for this year has been such a thrilling experience.  Here’s to hoping for a back-to-back championship win, something the Spurs haven’t done before.  Go Spurs Go!

4.  Fourth anniversary with Edge


Last July, Edge and I kicked off our fourth anniversary as a couple.  We went to Boracay (his first time there), where we spent the next three days swimming, snorkeling, parasailing, walking and playing by the beach and pigging out.  It was a weekend different from our other backpacking trips, since we allowed ourselves to relax as much as possible.  I’m quite excited for our next anniversary trip, no matter where that may be.

3.  Landed a new and better job


I’ve always believed that working a job is a lot like being in a relationship.  I’ve been in several relationships so to speak, and all of them never worked out.  What I have right now is a great one.  When I applied for this job, I honestly never thought that I would get it since I always underestimate my capabilities.  Now, I’m here, and I’m just so thankful.  It’s a tough job that brings out the best and worst in me.  It has allowed me to visit places and do things I’ve never done before, as well as meet important people I never thought I would have the pleasure of meeting.  Simply put, I’m just glad that with this job, I’m confident that I’m treading my truly chosen career path.

2.  First overseas trip with the family


It has been so long since our last family trip.  That’s why our family trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam last November is really a special one.  The trip was actually marred by the tragedy when a friend, my brother’s girlfriend, suddenly passed away.  Nonetheless, we tried to make the best out of the situation and still had fun.  I’ve gotten used to traveling with Edge, that’s why it was a nice to see new places, eat strange food, and learn about a fascinating country’s history and culture with my family and relatives.  I really hope that we get to do this again soon!

1.  Visited three countries and ten provinces with Edge


This is where most of my savings for 2014 went.  Heh.  Edge and I manage to tick off a lot of items off our bucket lists when we went to Bolinao, Pangasinan in January; Miri, Malaysia and Brunei in March; Oslob and Moalboal, Cebu and Baybay City and Sogod, Southern Leyte, as well as going back to Tacloban City in May; Boracay in July; Legazpi City, Albay, Biri, Eastern Samar, Capul Island, and Catarman in August; back to Dumaguete and Bayawan City, Negros Oriental in September; and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in November.  Nothing really beats the feeling of fulfilling your wanderlust with someone you love.  2014 also saw our blog The Backpack Couple‘s transition to a dot com blog, a big milestone for us.

That said, thanks for the memories, 2014.  I’m ready to let you go.  Time to shake the problems and emotional baggage off and look forward with positivity and motivation.  Come at me, 2015.  I’m ready for you.


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